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Voter Resources for mail-in ballots due by April 28th, 2020

Hey there everyone, this is Tim. I went ahead and gathered the website and phone numbers for all local board of elections within the 9th district. Ballots are required to be postmarked by April 28th, 2020. This means you need to have requested your ballot, received it, filled it out and sent it back by the 28th. Based on how long it is taking the post office to get these ballots delivered, I highly recommend sending for your ballot no later than April 12th. Even that may be cutting it too close. If you want to be sure your vote is counted, you should order your ballot soon, like last week soon. I know a lot of folks that don't want to participate because of our government's actions, please do not let Columbus strip you of your vote. This may be a pain in the neck, but we have a civic responsibility to ensure the state politicians don't have control over election results, and giving them control over turn-out through suppression gives them control over the results. Send a message to Columbus that you CAN NOT be silenced.

Below you will find the websites and phone numbers to the board of elections in each of the 5 counties in our district. Contact your local county Board of Elections and request your ballot, then send that ballot back to that same Board of Elections by mail.


Lucas County Board of Elections:


Phone: 419-213-4001


Ottawa County Board of Elections:


Phone: 419-898-3071


Erie County Board of Elections


Phone: 419-627-7601


Lorain County Board of Elections


Phone: 440-326-5900


Cuyahoga County Board of Elections


Phone: 216-443-8683

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