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Video of CHIP Forum

The footage of the CHIP forum is now up on Youtube. Watch and tell us which candidate you think did the best.  Tim Connors, Rob Weber, and Charles Barrett were all in attendance (in that order when viewing video). Our opinion after the CHIP forum is that the other candidates may be suited to run in Ohio's 4th or 5th districts, but that Tim Connors is the only electable candidate on the Republican ticket for Ohio's 9th district. Remember, the 9th district is majority Democrat, whoever wins this primary needs to be able to earn Democrat votes in November if they are to beat Marcy Kaptur in the general election this November 3rd, 2020. In fact, Independents also outnumber Republicans in the 9th. Republicans are outnumbered by Independents and Democrats by nearly 3:1. We need to nominate a candidate that isn't dead in the water before the election starts. Rob and Charles are established Republican politicians with insider connections. Tim Connors is a young small businessman, a truly independent thinker, and is the fresh blood the Republican party is looking for. He isn't friends with politicians, and has no ties to the swamp-like politics that have gripped many northern Ohio localities. Don't let "good ol' boy" politics cost us another race against Marcy Kaptur. Vote for Tim Connors on March 17th, 2020. Below is a link directly to the video, the 9th District Republican Primary portion begins at about 8 minutes 50 seconds into the video.

CHIP Forum 02-19-2020

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