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Ohio's Election Debacle

There is no election day in the Ohio Primary. The state government declared that mail voting be extended to April 28th, 2020 with no other voting time scheduled. So no in person voting at the polls. They are treating March 17th as election day and just extending the time-frame for mail in ballots because they didn't like what Governor Dewine did. We have a bunch of children representing us in the Ohio State government.

Needless to say, this disenfranchises voters across Ohio for a number of reasons.

The integrity of this election is now in question. By people from all over the state, including candidate Tim Connors.

We would have preferred some continuity of government here, some consistency regarding something so important. However that is not what we got. They have changed the election details who knows how many times now.

Given the ineptitude of our state government, we implore you to cast all ballots against incumbents in this Primary, regardless of party. Of course we still want you to vote Tim Connors for US House on your mail in-ballot...if you get it in time, and send it in time. They are taking away our rights and now our free and fair elections? They corrupted the process and cancelled in-person voting. This is dumb, the state Congress is mad at Dewine for fiddling with the they totally cancel in-person voting as a gotcha to the governor? No thank you, this is stupid. Make sure you let your local Rep know how you feel, and how you plan to vote, if you even get to, in this currently ongoing primary election.

For those that don't know, you have to request a ballot by mail before you can have the opportunity to send in a ballot by mail. With the deadline about one month away and the track record of Postal workers, it looks like a whole lot of people will miss the deadline because of how inefficient the mail can be, especially right now, when postal volume is going to create logistical issues. This adds layers of effort to voting that did not exist before, almost ensuring a dramatically reduced turnout.

Ohio, your government just stole your election.

We are going to keep blasting about getting the mail in ballots to people asap, because if you don't request your ballot in time, you wont receive it in time to reach the post mark deadline. So if you plan to vote in this abomination of an election please request your ballot ASAP or you will not be given the chance to vote.

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