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Comprehensive Candidate Information

Listed below is a comprehensive compilation of information for voters to make an educated decision on March 17th, 2020. Below you will find several links. The first link is the CHIP candidate forum where Tim and 2 other candidates answer questions unscripted (we start at 8mins 50sec in the video). The other 2 video links are to speeches given to the TEA party by Rob Weber and Tim Connors. Then there is a ballotpedia link, that is a comprehensive elections information page where Rob and Tim each have a profile and survey responses. Following that is the ivoterguide info. All of the 9th district republican primary contenders have a profile on ivoterguide and you get a good look at each candidate in comparison there as they all answered the same questions. The links provided will take you to the profiles on those sites for Tim Connors, but getting to the Rob Weber profile is a single click or two away when you're on each site. We would have also loved to provide footage from the UT Democracy Town Hall pseudo-debate from March 5th as well, but have yet to see it or find it. While watching and reading please remember that everything Tim has done on these sites and in these videos is all 100% off the cuff, unrehearsed, organic communication from the heart.  Please, take the time to review the information and choose who you think is the best candidate to go against Marcy Kaptur in November. We know not everyone is going to vote for Tim Connors in this primary, but it is our firm belief that the more people that can get a chance to compare candidates, the more likely Tim will achieve Victory on March 17th, 2020.


CHIP Forum (start at 8mins 50sec)


 Tim Connors TEA speech


Rob Weber TEA speech



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