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Democrats are holding our economy hostage over a bunch of pet projects. This should show all the citizens of Ohio's 9th district just how little Marcy Kaptur cares about you and your family. She would rather you continue to struggle and suffer if it means she can help get the Democrats agenda done. Party loyalty should never come before the needs of the constituency. But for Marcy Kaptur, it seems party loyalty is her paramount concern.

It is moments like this where having someone like Tim Connors in Congress would greatly benefit the people of Ohio's 9th district. Tim has been closely monitoring the situation and talking with people affected by the economic fallout. He believes this can be fixed, but we are working on a time table here. Congress is squandering an opportunity to avoid further crisis for perceived political gain. This shouldn't be a surprise, this is how our Congress has been behaving. It is up to US to vote for candidates that are honest individuals earnestly attempting to solve our nations greatest challenges.

As a small business owner Tim understands the trouble many of us are in, and he understands how to pull out of this. We should elect people like him so that we can rely on our representation during these extreme times. This is not the first national crisis, and it will not be the last. We clearly can not afford to have bad apples in Congress going forward.

Join me in Voting Tim Connors for Congress on June 2nd, 2020. We need people in office that wouldn't treat our people like political footballs. We need someone like Tim that would have fought tooth and nail to get you the help you needed during this time, all while exposing the corruption that politicians try to partake in when big legislation like this come up.

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