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Term Limits

Career politicians are responsible for a lot of the problems in Washington. For more than a generation our congress has engaged in malfeasance. I am suggesting that if elected to Congress, I would draft a proposal to the states to limit terms for elected Representatives to Congress. Representatives should serve two consecutive terms, and not be permitted to run for reelection. After spending one full term out of that particular office, they may again declare to run for that same office.

I am however open to debate on the number of terms which could be run consecutively. I do not support a life-time number of terms. For example, if term limits were proposed that called for limiting members of congress to two terms total and never any more, I would vote against that legislation. I think that for term limits to be successful, we would need to propose them in a way that states there is no life-time limit on number of terms that can be served. My position is that members only need 2 consecutive terms, then they can't run for re-election. However in the following election cycle, the former candidate can again declare for that office and if successful can still serve 2 consecutive terms. This dis-incentivizes career politicians, which I hold responsible for the crises and turmoil we face today. Others have suggested 3 terms before a mandatory exit, and some 4 or 5 terms. Simply because my plan allows members to run for the office again in the future after the one-term out of office, I believe we should stick to a small number of terms. I will advocate and push for 2 consecutive terms, but would be willing to vote on a compromise that was this exact plan, but allowing for 3 or 4 consecutive terms. Anything more watered down more than that will be ineffective and a failure.

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