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Impeachment of Donald Trump

This most recent impeachment attempt against President Trump is not a hoax, it may seem as such, but democrats are not playing games. This is serious, maybe the most serious domestic governmental action that can be taken. The House drafted and voted on unconstitutional articles, the articles were unconstitutional because the House has the sole power of impeachment and expanded that power unilaterally to include any actions Congress deems impeachable. This is a clear overstep of the article one powers.

It is the first example in American history of a Congress weaponizing the impeachment power in an act of sedition, without the basis required to draft legitimate articles, or even launch a legitimate inquiry. Not only is there no impeachable offense by which to charge the President, but there is also no material evidence indicating wrongdoing that could ever be presented to a federal grand jury. We have all heard "the House has the sole power of impeachment" repeatedly, but that does not mean congress has the authority to determine the limits of it's own power. The House Democrats, along with Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur, have lost their minds if they think they can get away with such blatant abuses of our founding document. The impeachment of President Trump is the single most egregious abuse of congressional power in American history. It makes our country weaker, undermines foreign policy and divides our people through corrupt media organizations. It is the accomplishment of Vladimir Putin’s own agenda. It is the antithesis of the American way.

There are not many ways to hold Congress accountable for this malicious action, but we the people are not helpless. We ought replace every representative that voted in favor of impeachment come this November. We can remove congressional immunity from our laws so that members like Adam Schiff can’t, with impunity, have journalists and political opponents placed under surveillance, or obtain personal phone records and e-mails without a warrant. We need a remedy to prevent future Houses from abusing their constitutional authority in the same partisan manner again.

It has become clear that many members of Congress can not be trusted to faithfully execute the duties of their offices, the body politic has become corrupt and is now realizing the worst fears of our founders. I see this as the culmination of several decades worth of political abuses of power by the Congress. Given that there are so many members that have presided in Congress for so many decades and during those same decades we have seen malfeasance and neglected duty. It makes logical sense that we impose term limits on the House members, as well as remove their protected status within laws. This current radical, partisan abuse of power was made possible by career politicians working behind the scenes the overthrow a duly elected President of the United States. These members have violated their oaths of office, not only by failing to protect the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, but by becoming the very domestic enemy they were sworn to protect us from. Without doubt, I believe some members of Congress may have acted with seditious intent with their actions to orchestrate a coup against the President of the United States. If elected I would push for an investigation to be opened into their conduct, specifically the conduct of Adam Schiff. We must have justice in this country, equal justice, and that means members of Congress should be held to account just as any other citizen would be held to account. This madness must end. We can only do that by electing representatives with the will to act. Not only do I have the will, but I have the technical knowledge required to pursue such an agenda. I will fight for you in congress, to hold these cowards accountable for their actions.

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