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2nd Amendment rights

The government does not have the power, under the US Constitution, to prevent you from owning a firearm. Any action taken by a government that blanket prohibits the free exercise of an inalienable right, is not an action any government body has the authority to undertake. The government does not have the authority to confiscate firearms from law abiding citizens. Red Flag laws violate an individuals right to Due Process. No one should ever be persecuted for defending themselves, or their home. Gun manufacturers are not responsible for the actions of their consumers.

Gun control actions are not all inherently unconstitutional, but any action that violates a citizen's right to Due Process, or that infringes upon a citizen's right to keep and bear Arms is not permitted by the US Constitution. A background check requirement is not outside the bounds of the US Constitution so long as it isn't screening for items that would violate a civil right by the nature of screening. Some background check plans go much too far, I believe we ought to stick with the laws and requirements we currently use, and am open to expanding the databases. You may have heard of "Universal Background Checks" before. I do not support this position. The Left is trying to force background checks to be conducted by private citizens conducting a private transaction. It is a massive over-reach of government authority. I am however supportive of the idea that the system used to conduct background checks be improved upon. This is a simple task, it involves the inclusion and joining of multiple relevant databases that do not currently communicate with each other. The lack of existing communication between databases is causing holes to form in the background check process. We can close the holes by having these separate databases integrated with the current database, making a background check much more accurate. We do not need any new rules or processes regarding the actual background checks.

The Left uses gun violence as a justification for gun control. They don't understand that our gun violence problems have nothing to do with guns, and everything to do with a broken culture. We need to stress this, repeatedly, until we can get a governing majority that tries to actually solve this problem. It is solvable, but will likely require large amounts of time, and many pieces of legislation. We need to walk back nearly 60 years worth of Leftist philosophical doctrine if we want to end our cultural divisions and allow the country to heal. It is my position that our gun violence problems are a symptom of the Radical Left's relentless assault on our social institutions. They have attacked the family, the romantic relationship, the education system, and interpersonal norms. They have weaponized language, and lie constantly. The Left engages in Sophism as the primary tactic of persuasion, and it should be called out as the disgraceful dishonesty that it is. The Left seeks to undermine and dispose of the US Constitution and the more power and control they acquire, the more pronounced our nations gun violence problems will become.

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