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Tim Connors is a 29yr old small business owner living in Avon Lake, OH. After years of watching our political system fail to meet the needs of the people, Mr. Connors has finally decided to stop watching and do something about it. He is currently a Republican Party Primary candidate, seeking the nomination to run for Representative to Congress for Ohio's 9th congressional district. As a common sense conservative, Tim is a supporter of the 2nd amendment, ending late-term abortion, America first, and President Donald Trump. Running primarily on an anti-corruption agenda, Tim is trying to advance term limits on members of Congress. Dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of integrity, Tim is trying to change Washington. He believes Congressional Representatives are servants to the people, public servants. However, many members of congress have become self-serving. They have forgotten who they are, where they came from, and what they are supposed to be doing.

Too many of our Representatives lie on a regular basis. Too many candidates are 2-faced, pandering here and there, telling people what they want to hear. No more! This has got to stop. We need to elect honest, transparent candidates like Tim Connors if we ever hope to stem the tide of corruption in the federal legislature. We at the Tim Connors for Congress campaign don't believe Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D) of Ohio's 9th district can be defeated by a traditional candidate, we don't believe she can be beaten by an establishment candidate. So we support the candidacy of Tim Connors, a man who is not a politician but a business person, and man that tells it like it is, a man that will tell you the truth, always. Tim Connors has zero ties to dark money special interest groups and is a complete and total political outsider. He is a man that will stand up to the bullies in Washington, defend our liberties, and work to get real solutions passed to solve real problems. Tim is trying to bring honesty back to Capitol Hill.

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